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The Answer to Obscenely High Executive Compensation

It's been 10 years since the fall of Dick Grasso, Chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange.  Not so long ago, we had Enron and Tyco too.  The topic of executive compensation continues to bubble up as humanity produces each new round of corporate autocracies and oligarchies, as they capitalize on ever … More


Good Coffee – The First Tool You Reach For

I've been fairly critical of coffee snobs, but I think I get what their saying - the ones that aren't snobs in general. Life's too short to drink bad coffee. Nothing makes the waking up part of life that should be … More


A Stable Web Host is a Stable Company

We've become used to the idea that a fancy front desk, nice corporate stationary, and a bunch of stock photos - with smiling receptionists who are as wooden as those photos, is where you find stability. We've come … More